How to Pick a Great Salon

Finding a hair salon that can give you a great look that matches your personality can be tricky. Fortunately, there are things that you can look for to find a place that will provide you with consistently good service.

Consider Your Needs

Before you can find a salon that you know you'll be satisfied with, you need to know exactly what you’re looking for. While salons may all seem the same from a glance, they vary greatly and cater to different needs. When you're considering your needs, think about the complexity of your styles. How long are you usually at a salon? Do you need coloring? Are you fine with simplicity? Depending on how you answer these questions, you may want an expert stylist or a simple barber. Hear me out before you laugh at this suggestion to go to a barber. Barbers provide haircuts that are both quick and consistent. They are often quite capable of giving women simple hairstyles. Choosing a barber is also very economical; most barbers do not charge more than $20 for a haircut. If you need perms, layering, or coloring, an expert stylist is probably your best option.

Figure out What You’re Comfortable With

If your top priority is finding a competent stylist who will simply cut your hair, finding a salon should be a simple process. This is not usually the case for most people in search of a stylist. If you want fast impersonal service, a chain hair salon is a good choice. People in search of personalized service should go to smaller-sized salons, such as Anne Welsh, when looking for a more intimate experience. Your choices will reflect your preferences for cozy or commercial service.

Check for Reviews and Customer Testimonials

One of your first steps for finding a great hair salon is something that you should do with any business. You should check for reviews to understand what other customers think of the salon. While reviews are not always accurate, a series of very poor reviews is a good indicator that the business does not provide great service. These reviews are also an ideal way to find which aspects of the salon are good or bad.

Ask for Training Certifications and Licenses

Every once in a while, you will hear a nightmarish story about a salon full of completely unqualified stylists. These stylists often provide inconsistent hairstyle and make amateur mistakes. To avoid running into one of the poor stylists, ask the salon manager to show you the stylists' licenses. To get a license, hair stylists are required to graduate from a certified beauty school and cut hair for a certain number of hours as an apprentice. This allows stylists to perfect their craft. If a salon's stylists are licensed, you can bet that they'll do a good job.

By doing your research ahead of time and knowing exactly what you want in terms of quality and service, you'll be able to find a great salon in no time.