He Found Out the Answer

My friend never thought that he could taste the sweetness of life again after he was declared that his capability and ability to work is gone. In other words, no income!

He used to live a daily busy and hectic schedule corporate life and it completely turned around when he met an unfortunate accident. At first, he did not mind not doing any chores at home. As time passed by, his physical condition remains the same, however, his emotional state started haunting him. Depressed, miserable, low spirited, cheerless, and low self-esteemed, that’s who he became. His siblings began calling him names synonymous to any monster-like creatures. That was the worst phase, he experienced. The people whom he shares the same blood flowing in veins felt hatred and about to lose patience with him. He wanted to demand compassion, but he cannot for he is not helping himself and never tried at all.

The realization came when he woke up one morning. He understood that changes had to take place before he loses the people he loves and who sacrificed most in taking care of him during his confinement and recovery days. But he doesn't know how to start it off. His initial move was mind setting. His goal then was to bring back his old self, being bubbly and fun-to-be-with. He started browsing the gadget on-hand and had the chance to try out playing bingo at Play2winbingo and generated income! Great start! He got so excited to announce it to everyone in the house that he has started to move on and found it in his gadget. Nobody contradicted and resented for they witnessed the glow of happiness.

I am so happy for him that he found the answer.