The Great Designs from Cross Stitch Pattern Australia Impressed Me

To start off, I must admit that I am not a person who enjoys art and doing crafts. But I made a promise to my daughter that I will finish a piece of cross stitch work for her as my birthday present. Due to my promise, pressure and stressful feeling started attacking me because I have three months to finish it. I started looking for patterns which I think I could finish in due time and designs of cross stitch patterns Australia impressed me so much. I chose to start with the pattern which I think my daughter would like.

In the first few days of my project, as a beginner, I really had a tough time and felt regretful of my word. However, as days passed by, I started to feel that the craft is a stress relieving therapy. I did not notice that I have done almost half of the piece and had forgotten that I initiated it only for a commitment. I gave myself three months to accomplish this, but to my surprise, I achieved it in less than two months.

Upon seeing my daughter amazed and overjoyed with my gift, the feeling was incomparable and unexplainable. My daughter never thought I could do it. She did not like it, instead she loved and treasured it a lot – like a trophy! It started as an awakening, but ended up as a reality with a bonus of relaxation.