Nail Art Trends for Spring 2016

Are nails insignificant and unnoticeable? Definitely No! Women must not be dependent on the clothes, shoes, accessories and make up put on, but artfully designed nails are equally essential in achieving the total package of femininity. In ancient times, nail art displayed social class, however, from the 19th century onwards, it became part of fashion as well. Nail art designs vary, depending on the season.

For spring, 2016, watch out for these trends soar.

The Get in Line involves all about striped details, in metallic hues or the classic look of black and white. For more challenging and detailed appearance, attain plaid by combining vertical and horizontal stripes. Choices of this genre are metallic stripes, achromatic stripes, vertical stripes or striped plaid and are best suited for extrovert and people who love full details.

More so, Go for Glitter option includes bedazzled cuticles, glitter polish and silver sparkles. This eye-catching sparkly glitter topcoat fits a bubbly personality of a person.

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The longevity of French tip lives on, but, with a twist this time, the French Revival. As name suggests, French manicure with a variety of bright colors and modern shapes for a better outcome.

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The Positively Negative features the striking back of negative space with an experiment of geometric shapes and stripes on bare nails. Geometric tips, tally marks and minimal stripes are the choices to choose from. Brush it Off are noticeable and highlighted on runways.

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In contrast to the well-embellished nail art, simple yet elegant bares in Naked Nails, using of light pink, nude or clear polish for a touch of shine. 

Alternate choice is Crazy for Color, a cross between nail art and naked trend, but, opt for bright colors.


Unknown said…
I always make sure that I get manicures. Once it starts chipping it's usually time for a touch up. I'm looking at my nails right now and realizing it's time again. I've always love french manicures though, they are truly classic.
Masshole Mommy said…
I love some of those designs, but in the spring I usually go with light colors - not black.
Unknown said…
I like the designs and the purple is really pretty. I have to keep my nails short for bowling.
I agree that nail polish is a nice feminine touch.
I like the French Revival myself.
Amber N said…
You can really do anything with your nails these days. I love the colors and designs!
Miles L. said…
These nail arts are totally cool and gorgeous. I love painting my nails. I’d give one of these a try.
Theresa Mahoney said…
I do love that Go For Glitter. Now, I just need to get my nails to grow so I can have pretty designs too!
I am liking that pink! I usually use some sort of shade of mauve through out the fall and winter but this is a nice transition color.
Mama to 5 said…
Those turned out great! I love the Go Glitter, I wish I was talented in doing nails.
I have weak nails that tear before they get long enough to paint. I love the Go Glitter. Very pretty.
Unknown said…
Spring and summer are the times of the year that I pay more attention to my nails and these designs will most certainly grace them this year! Thanks!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Oh my goodness, those are gorgeous designs! I would love one of those to be painted on my nails.
Ria C said…
Those are lovely nail arts. I wish my nails are as long as theirs so I can put nail art on them.
wow! these are lovely nail arts...yes an art and I truly salute the artists doing these :)
Jessica Cassidy said…
Those are really beautiful. I wish I can do my nails as pretty of any of the photos but I often wash my hands and wear gloves every time when I go to work.
I like glittery nail arts just like that in the second photo!
I love nail art. If only I have spare time I would probably be doing it every two weeks. It's been a while since I last hold my nail polish.