How Parents Can Help and Encourage Their Learner Driver Teens

Most teens are excited to learn driving skills but some are reluctant to begin their lessons. Some fear letting their parents down by not learning quickly enough and others might simply have a fear of getting behind the wheel. It is the same for parents everywhere, no matter what country they live in, some kids simply don’t want to drive. If your child wants to drive but has a fear you need to help him or her overcome, here are some pointers that just might help them relax when learning.

Help Them Really Learn Theory

Many times we simply fear the unknown. This is totally new experience for your teen and with all the horrific accident scenes in films and on telly today, it’s a wonder that any teen would want to get behind the wheel! One thing that has proven to be successful in encouraging a learner driver is to thoroughly teach the theory behind each and every aspect of driving a vehicle. From keeping the car checked periodically to safety measures on the road, sites like Toptests that offer free practice tests can help to reassure them that they really do know their theory.

Begin with Off-Road Lessons

Of course the first step in preparing a learner driver is to get them past the theory test. So, once they’ve passed that portion of the driving test they are finally ready for behind the wheel experience. Here, you probably wouldn’t want to put an apprehensive student out on the road immediately, so many parents pick a large parking lot or park in which their teen can get a bit of preliminary practice in.

Keep it Calm and Light

Even kids who were never frightened of getting behind the wheel are affected by sharp criticism from mum or dad when they make an error in the very beginning. Not only does your child long to earn your respect but sharp words or loud reprimands can have them more nervous than needs be. If you want to encourage your teen to drive, stay calm and keep conversation to a minimum and very light when you must speak.

Reiterate the Importance of Staying Focused

More accidents happen today because of distracted drivers so make sure to teach your learner driver the importance of staying focused. Did you know that even you, as the adult licenced driver, can get a ticket and a hefty fine for talking on a mobile phone while a learner driver is behind the wheel? This should serve to set a good example for your son or daughter and is probably one of the reasons why the government made this law. Also, you need to stay focused on the road because even though you aren’t behind the wheel, you are the co-driver, the co-pilot, until your child passes the actual practical driving test.
Keep these few tips in mind when teaching your learner driver how to safely handle a motor vehicle. Learning to drive isn’t about who’s the coolest kid in town with the coolest looking car. Learning to drive is about getting where you are going safely, and as a parent, it’s up to you to make sure they can do just that.