My favourite Activities I Do With my Baby girl!

As a mum life is nothing but juggling around with hundreds of responsibilities every day. Dealing with the stress of meeting deadlines at the workplace or the tension of what to give the kid for breakfast the next day- any situation calls for a lot of strength and perseverance on a mother’s part. But what makes my pain worth taking every time is getting a chance to see that smile on my daughter’s face.

After returning from work, every day, I make it a point to spend some absolute fun time with my daughter and do some art and craft or some fun activity which she absolutely loves! That’s in fact, the most precious time of my day as I forget all my tensions and stresses behind in minutes.

Below, I have listed 5 of my child’s favourite activities that we often do at home. Now that the holidays are about to start, you can try them too.

MAKE PAPER MACHES- Your kid can make all sorts of wonderful craft with paper mache: pinatas, masks, a globe, pencil holders. All they need is a little bit of guidance from their mummies. So that flour and water outside the kitchen territory and be ready to get your and child’s tiny hands all messy!

CREATE A COLLAGE- Collage is a technique of an art production where the artwork is created using an assemblage of different forms and shapes of different materials. These forms and shapes eventually create a whole image.

What I usually do is ask my baby girl, to gather most of the irrelevant stuff lying around the house and while I figure out what to put where to create something out of it, I let her do the actually work like cutting and pasting. Last week I and my daughter had real fun making a collage out of dried leaves and flowers which turned out really beautiful.

PLAYDOUGH- When it comes to playing dough, both me and my daughter love getting our hands dirty and colorful with this great art and craft kids activity making play dough. Smoosh it, mould it and roll it – you can create wild and wacky shapes with play dough that you and your kids made yourselves!

KNITTING- Knit with your kids! Kids need to see us being creative. They need to see the process — how long it takes us to knit things, and that we persevere, rip out stitches, pick up dropped stitches, and so forth. My daughter and I, last November made her little dollies woolen socks, all colored and warm.

PRINT ON THE OUTFITS- My child and I love making customized clothes for ourselves and our family. 

We have printed on coffee mugs and t-shirts and most of them turned out good. My daughter wanted to gift her grannie a printed top and since my mum has a huge love of bingo games, we inculcated a theme of her favorite bingo game on her tee.