All You Want for Christmas Is a Sauna?

Saunas are little rooms of goodness. They are known to help improve health, both physically and mentally. While this is nothing new, what is new is the latest in sauna heater product listings, which is the infrared heater. So why is infrared so much better than anything else currently on the market?
1. It Flushes Out Toxins
Regardless of what type of sauna you use, you will get sweaty. Sweating is a great way to help the body rid itself of viruses and bacteria, leaving it healthy. The sweat produced by infrared is deeper and more produce, which means your body can get rid of even more toxins. Plus, you can run an infrared sauna at a lower temperature, with less moisture, which means people with certain health conditions can enjoy them as well.
2. It Relaxes Your Muscles and Lowers Your Blood Pressure
You don’t have to spend hours in a sauna to benefit from it. Just a couple of 15-minute sessions each week will give you loads of benefits. You will lower your blood pressure as well, which means you will feel a lot better. And if you happen to have rheumatism, arthritis, or fibromyalgia, infrared heat therapy can be very beneficial, meaning you could feel much better in yourself without turning to drugs.
3. It Helps You Prevent Colds and Flu
If you get a feeling that you will soon become ill, then hurry to an infrared sauna straight away. The radiant heat it emits stimulates circulation, revving up the production of white blood cells and ensuring your immune system is back on track. This means you’re less likely to develop colds and flu.
4. It Will Make You Look Younger
By spending time in an infrared sauna, you have the added benefit of using its anti-aging properties. When blood flow is stimulated, collagen production is increased, and circulation is improved. This means that you will start to look younger and more radiant as well.
5. You Can Lose Weight
Infrared saunas dramatically increase your metabolic rate. The simple act of sitting there and getting warm could burn as much as 500 calories, but you will lose that as water alone. However, you can use it as a boost to your metabolism, for instance by having a sauna session after the gym.
6. You Will Invest in Your Health
Infrared saunas aren’t cheap, or at least not compared to other saunas. However, they are very low maintenance, which means you won’t have any expensive repair bills. Plus, you will save a great deal of money on various other therapies. Less need for painkillers and decongestants, weight loss products, makeup, and more. Put together, this means you could actually save money over your lifetime.
So next time you go through a catalogue listing and are considering which heater to use for a new sauna, think long and hard about an infrared heater. It may just be the best investment you have ever made.