Taking time off

Taking time off for yourself can be a huge task, especially if you are a stay-at-home mom. There is always so much to do! My family and blogging take up most of my time and I find myself writing "take a break" on my to-do list. Needless to say, that entry rarely gets crossed off.

Work makes me happy but taking breaks is equally important for me. Unfortunately, my wellness and 'me-times' tend to take a back seat and this takes a huge toll on my work. This is when I try reminding myself to just take a little break from everything around me, keep myself away from work for a little while- and just relax. 

There are a lot of things that I do in my 'me-time' and maybe you can use them too:

1. A cup of tea and some music-
My burnouts usually start fading away once I pour myself a hot cup of tea and turn on relaxing music. Sometimes there's nothing better than sitting by yourself for a while and letting your thoughts sort themselves out.

2. Have a movie date with yourself-
Rent the DVDs of those sappy romantic movies that you are usually too embarrassed to even talk about in front of people, and yeah, don’t forget that box of tissues!

Chill out online-
A number of websites offer ways for spending time online to de-stress. You can chat with people who share your interests on online forums, watch videos or even play bingo online.

Get creative and experiment with anything and everything. There are literally tons of ideas around and you can make anything from food to furniture.

There's only a little time we can take out for ourselves, but when you do so the next time, why not make the best out of it?