Pregnancy Talk

It's been ages since I've gone through the stages of pregnancy. I have two grown up kids and a twin granddaughters. It seems kinda odd to be talking about pregnancy when I am way past this, but I want to point out some of the differences during my time and now. 

Back then, women couldn't easily Check Pregnancy. There were no kits available to find out for yourself if you are in the family way or not. You have to go visit a gynecologist and have a pregnancy test to know if you are conceiving. 

When I was pregnant with my first child, I had a hunch because there were already signs that I conceived. Things that I didn't normally feel like, dizziness, shortness of breath and my lower back getting tired easily, I felt. I knew there was something, but I just couldn't confirm it because there was no other way of finding out. Nowadays, pregnancy kits are easily available and what's great about these kits is you can now find out even as early as the second week.

Women today also have a lot of other options and resources. Aside from books, there are a lot of websites that offer pregnancy tips and tricks which a lot of first time moms would find useful. Websites like Check Pregnancy that cover a lot of topics about how to take care of yourself and your baby, fertility and implantation bleeding. You can even find top baby humidifier reviews at checkpregnancy.

But, whether you are a new mom or not, I'm sure finding out that you are in the family way was one of the best news ever and knowing that a little bundle of joy is growing inside you, makes everyone else in the family very excited, too. You know you are already a mom from day one and you would do everything to make sure that your baby will be the healthiest inside and outside your tummy. You will do everything to take care of yourself and your baby. 

What's important is you have the support of your family and you have a good doctor to take care of you. Choose someone you can trust and you'll know you're in good hands.