Bingo and exercises- make you a healthy and happy mom!

Life of a mother is never less than a roller coaster ride! From looking after the child to taking care of the entire family, what not you have to go through 24/7 as a mom.

The stress level reaches its peak when you happen to be a working woman too. It gives you a jitter of nerves every moment for sure.

But inspite of going through such hectic schedules all day you can live your life healthily and happily.

A health conscious and a happy mom brings in positive ambience in her house which in turn helps in proper overall development of her child.

Your kids often follow you and think you as their role model. So if you are a fit and healthy mom your child is definitely going to be a disciplined and a healthful one too.

Fitness is not always about working out hard or hitting the gym.

It can be about following simple things like sleeping on time, eating right, doing some exercises and engaging in recreational activities.

A proper balance should be maintained in all the above mentioned aspects to get that healthier you.

Exercises can be simple free hand ones or going for a walk and running in your nearby parks.

Your pastime activities can include anything that you love to do in your spare time to keep yourself entertained.

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