Buy Cheap, Buy Wholesale

Most women love to shop. Shopping does wonders to women. Wherever a woman goes, there must be a place for her to shop. Even when on overseas trips, you will find women shopping for souvenirs and many other things to bring home as gifts or for own use. Just the word “shopping” alone, makes a woman’s eyes sparkle! Do I sound exaggerated, yes, no?

There is a small percentage of women who do not enjoy shopping. Some just do not like shopping at all. They only buy what is necessary and when it is necessary. This does not shop for the sake of the love for shopping. For some, it is because they do not know or have not learned the art of bargaining, especially when you buy from the morning or night market stalls. Nowadays, there is probably less chance to bargain because most do their shopping in big stores or super malls. Another reason why some women don’t enjoy shopping is because money is limited. I am sure everyone enjoys shopping if money is not the issue.

I have friends who just love to buy and collect accessories. They pair and match the accessories with their clothes and they are very good at it. Whenever they see something new and they like it, they will buy it. From earrings, hair clips to handbags and clutch bags, all these are found in their possession. Their collection also includes all kinds of rings and they mostly invest in costume jewelries. Some of these are not cheap. To buy cheaper accessories, it is better to buy wholesale accessories and use the extra to exchange with friends. This way, you and your friends can benefit each other.

Likewise, you can do the same with perfumes and colognes. If you have friends liking the same fragrance, or you and friends are interested to try new fragrances, you can buy wholesale fragrances to enjoy cheaper rates. For the perfumes and colognes, you can also include your men friends or colleagues to take advantage of the wholesale rate when you buy more of the same product.

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