Preparing Your Yard For Outdoor Entertaining In Toronto

Although most people tend to spend time indoors during the Winter in the Toronto area, that still allows for 7 or 8 months where your backyard or garden can be the focal point for time that you spend away from work.  It therefore makes quite a bit of sense to look at making as many improvements as you can to the area so that your time outdoors is spent in relative comfort.

Here are some projects that can turn your backyard or garden into a showplace for most of the year:

Create a Toronto room:

California rooms are home-additions that have mostly windows and look like a garden room or a casual living space that provides a semblance of a house-like structure for those who like to dwell mostly in the outdoors.  A Toronto room is one that is completely outside and designed to be a place to relax and entertain for most of the months during the year.  

One of the primary features of a Toronto room is a floor made of interlocking pavers or stone that is normally placed by the most skilled landscapers Toronto is able to offer.  One of the benefits of using natural stone or sophisticated pavers is that you can expect that they may even last a century and still look good.  Another positive is that the maintenance and cleaning requirements are not that involved.  They also definitely have a tendency to add value by making your house and yard look much more distinguished that it would be without a stone floor.

To complete a Toronto room, you merely need to set off the garden area with walls or a balcony and add an outdoor kitchen, barbecue, heating area, and furniture.

About outdoor cooking:

If you decide to add an outdoor kitchen, one of the more popular choices recently has been to copy Argentines and add a brick pizza oven that can actually also be used to bake bread and prime rib.  A well-built pizza oven will augment any grill or smoker that you decide to add, giving you a gourmet capability when you create your meals.

Of course, when it comes to pizza, the main thing that a pizza oven will provide you with is the ability to use a pizza stone to superheat the pizza while it is cooking.  Pizza cooked on a pizza stone ends up having cheese that has a different consistency that is highly sought after.  For those that are not ready for a pizza oven, you might be surprised to find out that you can actually use your gas grill, a pizza stone, and a cover to create a pizza crust by cooking one side and then flipping it over like a pancake before you actually add the toppings.  That style of pizza is often made in Argentina when no pizza oven is handy.

Extending the months your yard can be used:

One way to use your backyard year-round is to put a spa or Jacuzzi outdoors attached to your deck.  For those who have run like made from the house to jump into the hot waters of the spa, you might also consider getting gas heat lamps like they have at many restaurants.  That way, you can stay fairly warm in the area immediately adjacent to the hot tub, allowing you to entertain people that are close by.  

One of the biggest keys to success when creating a hot tub and entertainment area in your garden is to choose an area contractor that can work with your ideas and provide the type of ambiance that your guests will expect.

Creating an outdoor space that you can use with your friends and neighbors is a good way of adding value to your home.   Ensuring that it looks good, will last, and is functional enough to be used most of the year are specifications that should be built into whatever requirements you end up creating.