Top 5 reasons why you should lease a family car!

When a person is young and free-spirited, he or she can make irrational decisions like spending all his or her savings in buying a luxurious two-seater vehicle. However, everything changes the moment a family comes into the picture. You now have to consider saving for your kids' educational fund, mortgage and buying a family-friendly car. Due to the many obligations, it might be hard to finance a new car. This is where leasing comes into play. The fact that you can afford that big family car without actually having to buy it is a desirable thing for many families. If you want to learn about car leasing as an option, here are some perks associated with it.

You Will Be Driving a New Vehicle Every 3 Or 4 Years

Many people love the idea of having to drive a brand new vehicle every few years. It could be that they love the scent of a new car, want to maintain an image, or they need to enjoy the latest perks that come with newer models of vehicles. A new vehicle every few years means that you will get to enjoy the latest technology in the car you drive. It could also be that you started a family and need a vehicle that offers safety and can accommodate the growing number of people in the home.

Leasing is a perfect choice for those looking to own a new vehicle every few years. Most lease contracts last for three to four years. When the lease expires, you can simply return the vehicle and get a new one for the same monthly payments as before. Your family will enjoy riding in a new car every few years, and you will like the fact that you will always be a clean vehicle.

You Will Drive a More Expensive Car Than You Can Afford to Buy

To lease a car, you will need less money up front. With some leases, no down payment is needed. On the other hand, purchasing a car will require a 20% down payment for the buyer to get a good finance rate. The monthly lease payments are also lower than buying a vehicle and getting a loan for the equivalent time-frame. It could be that you just started a family and you are looking for a reliable vehicle that is unaffordable for now. Leasing will allow you to own one at a reduced rate.

You Will Have a Car That's Always Protected By a Full Factory Warranty

One great benefit of getting a car on a lease is the fact that you will not have to worry about repairs or mechanical issues. For the three years that you lease the vehicle, it will be covered by a complete factory warranty. This is a great thing as you will not be worried about a vehicle breakdown. The only time the warranty does not apply is when you exceed the lease period, which could even cost you more.

There Are No Additional Costs

Since lease cars are normally new, they rarely require maintenance. There are high chances that you will not even need to have the tires changed. This is because they are normally allowed to be driven 10,000 to 12,000 miles each year. Modern tires are designed to withstand more than 50,000 miles, and thus, your vehicle’s tires will still be strong at the end of the lease period.

You Can Purchase the Vehicle After

With some agreements, you get the option of purchasing the vehicle once the lease is done. Purchasing the same new vehicle new will definitely cost you more. Instead of taking your chances with other used cars, you already know the history of the one you are already driving and understand how it works for you. A lease contract can be viewed as a long-term test drive for you before eventually buying the vehicle.

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