Kallithea, Mini Santorini in Los Baños

For a family like us who loves a quick getaway from the city every now and then, we've always dreamed of having a spa resort not too far away from Manila. Then mid last year, that dream came true. The opportunity for us to own one finally came. Someone offered us a lot in Los Baños with a 5-bedroom house, a 4-bedroom structure and a small pool. We actually don't need a big house, but since this has 2 big houses, it will be a great opportunity for us to rent it out when not in use. Just as soon as you enter the town of Los Baños and you see the big Welcome to Los Baños sign, you'll see Springdale Subdividision. Kallithea is located inside Springdale and it's right on the first street when you enter the village.

Both structures are old, but the foundations were good, so a little renovation would make it look like new again, we thought. Right after we closed the deal, we had the place renovated. It only took a few months and last November, we opened Kallithea Resort to the public.

These photos were taken during the opening and blessing of the resort last November.

The building at the back can accommodate 20-25 people. The water in the pool is from the hot spring, so it's really very relaxing and therapeutic. The place is perfect for those who want to spend time with their family or friends or for small company team buildings. If you're having a seminar or meeting with a group, we also have an open function room where meetings can be held. There is also a small kitchen where guests can cook their own meals.

The resort also offers a few amenities such as sauna room, videoke and a billiard table. Our place is not so big, but we're thinking of adding more, so the guests can have many activities while in the resort. While we were in Batangas last summer, I saw a nice tumble track gymnastics mat. The kids and adults alike were having so much fun hopping and bouncing on the mat. Most of our guests at the resort are families with kids, I'm sure they'll love these fun mats.

I saw some of this online and I love that they are so colorful. Kallithea Resort is a Santorini inspired resort and this blue and white inflatable tumble track will definitely match with our blue and white theme.

The resort is rather new, but we are always looking for new and fun ways to add to the resort so the guests can have a wonderful stay with us. Aside from tumble air tracks, we're also thinking of adding board games. Games most especially for large groups because it's more fun when a lot of people can join.


Ria C said…
Congratulations sis to you and your family for this opening of this beautiful resort. I hope to be able to visit it one day when we visit Phils. :)
Deli S said…
Congratulations, Sis, for this new family endeavor :) Do you have a Facebook page or website for the resort? I would like to check out your rates. Hope to be able to visit your place some time when we travel to Luzon.
Congratulations, sis, on your new business venture! This would be perfect for family vacations or get-togethers. I hope we van visit this beautiful resort soon!