10 Essential Things You Need to Buy Before Starting Your Small Business

Starting a business is all about allocating your funds appropriately. When you start your business, you need to buy a bunch of things that you need to have for your business to run. By purchasing office requirements in bulk, you can save a lot of money.

Desktop Computers
You need to buy some desktop computers or laptops and computer screens to start your business set up. The number of machines you need depends on how big you want your set up to be. When buying desktops or laptops make sure that they come loaded with operating systems. Paying for the operating system separately will increase the cost and the headache of setting up.

Office Furniture
After you find your office space, you cannot merely keep it empty. Office furniture should be bought in bulk but not out of control. Excess office furniture takes up space and costs a lot of money. Buy as much furniture as you need. Get more when your need increases. Just for a bulk price do not waste space with excess office furniture.

There is a bunch of software that a business needs to function. From accounting software like QuickBooks to content creating software, your company might need a lot of software. The software that you need depends on the service or product you are offering.

Website and Domain Name
Every business must have their website. If you do not have a website, your customers might not be able to find your business when they need to. Buying a domain name makes it easier for your customers to get to your website. Invest in the website before investing in a domain name. Keep your website updated and alive to attract and maintain customers.

You need to make payments to be able to earn more money consistently. To pay your vendors, you need to stock up on checks. There are many websites where you can buy checks in bulk.

Endorsement Stamps
The checks you print cannot be cashed without you having self-inking custom check stamp. The self-inking custom check stamp is necessary for the checks to be authorized. Once you print the checks, you need to use the self-inking custom check stamp to endorse the checks.

Printers are essential for offices. You might need to print out invoices and checks. When you buy printers, buy ones that are multi-functional. Printers should come with scanners to have greater utility in your office.

Security System
A security system is essential for any office space. You can choose to install a security system to monitor your office. Without a security system, you might be risking the safety of your office.

Raw Material
If you are trying to sell any product that you are manufacturing you need to stock raw material. Start buying raw material when you set up your office. At the same time do not overdo orders for raw material.

Tools and Machinery
Whether you are producing any item or offering a service, you might need some tools and machinery. Your requirement for tools and machinery can depend on the type of product and service that you are offering.

Having these basic things for your office can help you start your business smoothly.


This is such a simple yet useful checklist. Sometimes we do overlook simple things while we plan a business and keep an eye on the prize. WOuld like to add luck to the list too:) If only we could buy them!
George said…
These are all awesome tips to starting out a small business. It can however start a little smaller than this and grow into a small one requiring these tips. As with most things in life ensure you are offering a product or service you love doing as it will consume most of your personal. Nevertheless a good list to budget with as well.
matthew said…
These are a useful and very informative post. Anyone who wishes to venture into any small business or is already in small businesses should need to read this. Also, I love the fact you mentioned a website and a domain name, as having a website can boost your business.
Diaryofacusp said…
This is a very simple yet essential list of things for anyone planning to set up their business. It covers all the basics needed to run a business in todays times.
Laura Dove said…
What a great list of essentials! I think getting the right equipment is really important to any business!
This is a great list of essential items! I actually just bought a new laptop computer so that I can also work in any location I want, including outside. I have many of the items on this list, and they have been very instrumental to my work flow!
Karla said…
Great checklist! I actually work at home and I set up one room to be my workplace. Everything you mentioned are indeed essential!
lisa said…
Great advice, I have forwarded your post to a friend of mine who is in the process of building their business plan up.