10 Snacks to Keep in Your Purse

You’re in the middle of running errands when it hits you. You’re starving. Hunger pangs are shooting through your stomach; your good mood is threatened. If your kids are with you, the situation is even worse. Dealing with a hunger-induced temper tantrum is no one’s idea of fun.

You can always get fast food or head to a convenience store, but your wallet (and waistline) will eventually complain. Sure, you can go to McDonald’s and order a salad but almost no one ever does. Once the smell of freshly-salted fries hits your nose, how can you resist? The best way to eat healthy on the go is to provide your own food. Load your bag or car with healthy, delicious snacks. It’s a lot easier to skip the drive-through line if you’re not wracked with hunger.

Stick with whole foods and you’ll keep your body nourished. Empty calories will provide a temporary energy spike and not much else. Not only should you choose healthy snacks, you should adopt a mindful eating approach. Instead of eating while driving, or talking on the phone, really focus on your food. It’ll help you notice when you’re full so you don’t overeat.

Here are some great snacks, you should keep on hand.

1. Nuts 

Nuts are a perfect snack to keep in your purse. They’re not messy, they don’t stink, and they won’t go bad quickly. In addition, nuts are packed with healthy fats and protein.

2. Dried Fruit

Do you have a sweet tooth? Instead of chowing down on a candy bar, eat dried fruit instead. You’ll still get the sweet sugar blast, but you’ll also get some nutrients as well.

3. Trail Mix

Add your nuts and fruit together to create your own trail mix. The protein + fat + sugar combination will give you a dose of healthy energy.

4. Clementines/Oranges

Citrus fruits make awesome travel snacks because they’re wrapped in their own packaging. You can keep them in your purse without worrying about a mess. Oranges have a pretty tough rind so it can sit in a bag for a few days, or roll around the trunk of a car, without becoming damaged.

5. Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? A small piece of matcha chocolate is a delectable addition to your snack supply. It’s even healthy! There’s a lot of research showing that eating chocolate can benefit everything from your heart to your eyesight.

6. Meat Jerky

Beef jerky is a crowd favorite and it won’t go bad. It’s also very filling. There are a ton of different options. Beef sticks, beef bites, beef jerky. You can also get salted and cured turkey or pork meat. If you’re trying to follow a vegetarian diet, you can get “faux” jerky.

7. Dry Cereal

A baggie full of Cheerios or Froot Loops can stop a child’s meltdown in its tracks. They’re delicious enough to make suitable snacks for adults as well.

8. String Cheese

String cheese is highly portable and full of protein. It’s beloved by people of all ages. It can satisfy your craving for something cheesy. Who needs to a slice of pizza when you have you a chunk of string cheese?

9. Veggies

A container full of slices veggies can go a long way towards satisfying your hunger. Sliced peppers, tomatoes, etc, are great. If veggies alone aren’t enough to hit the spot, throw some tortillas into your container. You can make a quick veggie wrap while you’re out.

10. Protein Bars

The protein bar market is huge right now. Many of the store-bought options are packed with sugar but if you search around, you can a find a brand that satisfies your requirements. Many are made with only whole foods.

You can also make your own protein snack bar.

Family trips can be ruined if your kids aren’t well-fed. Your own day will be less pleasant if you’re hungry. Keeping snacks close by when you travel is a good idea. You never know when your doctor’s visit is going to run long or you’ll have to stay late for a work meeting. Instead of caving in and visiting a vending machine, pack your own food.

If you have kids, being prepared is even more important. Children often panic when they get too hungry and they’re notoriously impatient. A promise of dinner in a few hours might not be enough to calm them down.

Stick with healthy, tasty snacks instead of junk food if you want to be in optimal health.