Understanding When You Need A Boiler Repair Specialist

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Central Heating

While most of us think of central heating as a relatively modern concept, the truth is that both the Ancient Greeks and the Romans were using it thousands of years ago. By using a furnace they were able to pipe heat through buildings and temples in a very similar way to how we do things today, though of course, their furnaces had to be continuously fueled by hand. With the fall of the Roman Empire, heating reverted back to primitive fireplaces for over a thousand years. Ingenuity in staying warm though could not sit idle forever, and in the early medieval period, simple heating systems were finding their way back into use. Back then diagnosis of a problem in the system was pretty easy to figure out and normally resulted from the fire going out. Our systems today are a little more sophisticated, and when they are not functioning properly, may well need the attention of a professional to rectify matters.

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The Boiler

The beauty of the central heating system is that you do not have to light a fire, or plug in an electric heating device in every room. A central boiler heats water to about sixty degrees Celsius and is pumped around the house through the radiators, releasing some of its heat to each room, before returning to the boiler and being heated once more. The same water is used over and over in a permanently sealed system. It is a very simple concept in principal and we kind of take things for granted, until such time as we realise there is a problem and it doesn’t seem to be working properly. When the system fails, quite often there were warning signs that all was not well, and picking up on them early, can save you time, money and discomfort.

Warning Signs

It is quite natural for your boiler to make some noise while it is in operation, which you will generally have come accustomed to. If the noises change or become louder, it is normally an indication that something is not functioning properly. Hissing noises for example may be an indication that sludge deposits are hindering the circulation, which could cause it to overheat and shut down completely.

The water in the pipe network is in a sealed system, so if you notice any water collecting at the base of the boiler, heating costs will spiral as more energy is required to push the remaining water around. Getting this fixed by a professional promptly is very advisable. Plumbers and boiler repair specialist in Rossendale can deal with these issues quickly and economically, if they get there before the system totally shuts down. Leaking gas is a third potential problem, and it is really essential that you call for help immediately if you notice any strange smells or odours.

Preventative Maintenance and Servicing

It is advisable to give your central heating a periodic health check, which can identify any arising problems at an early stage, when they can be rectified quickly and cheaply. While you will probably smell leaking gas, you will not smell carbon monoxide, which can build up if the ventilation has become blocked, and given its potential deadly nature, highly advisable for your local professional to check for and if necessary, deal with at the same time.

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Central heating is generally very reliable, but it will not work unserviced forever, and knowing when it is time to call for help promptly, can save you lots of money, as well as save you from shivering in the cold.