6 Home Improvements That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

There are many of us who own homes that need some work. Not only do we want to orchestrate home improvement projects that make at-home life more enjoyable, but we also want to increase our home’s property value. When it comes time to sell, many of these home improvement projects will pay off big, and in the mean time, we’ll definitely enjoy the upgrades. Before you start choosing home improvement projects to begin, first do your research to see if these specific improvements are ones that increase your home’s value.

You don’t always have to spend big bucks to increase your home’s value. Many low-cost home improvement projects really pay off, especially if you cut costs by doing it yourself instead of hiring someone. You can teach yourself how to do certain projects and transform your home by yourself, just by watching YouTube videos, or by asking a skilled friend to teach you. You should also do your research to find the best prices if you need to buy something for your home. Certain additions to the home that are pricey can still be worth the investment. Below are 6 home improvements you’ll enjoy, that will also increase your home’s value:

1. Replace Old Light Fixtures

Old light fixtures should be replaced with more modern, more chic light fixtures that provide better-quality lighting and a more modern look. Lighting is one of the most important things in your home, and new light fixtures won’t be too costly. They will, however, make your home look updated and much more chic.

Take the extra step by including up-to-date technology in your lighting. Replace old light switches with dimmer switches that allow you to control the lighting. Today’s up-to-date technology (which you should definitely be investing in) includes motion sensors that help your home be more energy efficient. Today’s home buyers are more conscious about energy efficiency. They’ll be attracted to energy-efficient homes, and that’s another reason why those modern lighting installations will attract them.

2. Install a Safe Room

Any home improvements that involve cutting-edge home safety features will definitely increase your home’s value. Safety is important, and installing a safe room in your home is a great investment. Not very many homes have them, so your home will stand out on the market. Plus, you’ll create a safer home for your family if you invest in a modular safe room. Remember that these secure rooms can be used as a safe place to retreat to in the event of a home invasion, or in the event of dangerous weather conditions. Safe rooms can even be used to safely store valuable items that you need to protect from leaks, flooding, or from burglars.

3. Kitchen Upgrades

Home improvements that involve upgrading your kitchen will always increase your home’s value, because the kitchen is one of the most important areas of the household. You can paint kitchen cabinets that are an outdated brown wood, and give them a fresh coat of beautiful white paint. It’s not expensive to replace cabinet knobs, and even that change makes a huge difference in updating the look of your kitchen. It’s also smart to upgrade kitchen tile to a more beautiful and more modern tile such as Moroccan or mosaic tile. If you replace kitchen appliances to more modern appliances with better technology, this is guaranteed to pay off in terms of increasing your home’s value.

4. Bathroom Upgrades

Most real estate agents will agree that upgrading your bathroom should be at the top of your list of home improvement projects. Invest in a new toilet, new bathroom tiles, and a new vanity. Your bathroom mirror should have high-quality vanity lighting installed, because bathroom lighting is extremely important.

5. Replace or Paint Your Front Door

Your home’s value increases when your home’s curb appeal is improved. A beautiful front door achieves this. Consider replacing your front door, or painting it. With a good coat of primer and a quality exterior paint job on your door, your home’s exterior will be significantly more appealing. Paint and primer are inexpensive, and you can paint it yourself, or hire a painter. Although painting interior rooms in homes can be quite pricey, painting a door is not very costly. While you’re at it, you may want to also consider painting your garage door. Since garage doors are quite large, people will notice the difference.

6. New Flooring

A home improvement project that always pays off, and always increases a home’s value is new flooring. Replacing old or outdated flooring or carpeting will promise a great return on investment. You and your family will get to enjoy the beautiful, modern, new floors. And, when it’s time to sell your home, these more modern floors will be a big selling feature.


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