Lighting Solutions for Apartments

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If you live in an apartment, there are many different ways to illuminate your living space, and depending on how much natural light you have, your lighting needs to be balanced. Some studio apartments have next to no natural light, and in such a case, LED can be a substitute. Small spaces have to be illuminated carefully, and with that in mind, here are some lighting tips for apartment dwellers.

Bold Ceiling Feature – This will direct attention upward and make the room more spacious, and a large light combination that is slightly out of proportion will add to that. With that in mind, check out the items at lighting stores in Perth or in your local area where you will find something that works in your home. LED solutions do offer you more in the way of choice, especially if your place has a high ceiling. 

Keep Lampshades Light – Aside from providing a touch of colour and texture, lampshades block out light to varying degrees - you want shades that allow most of the light through, especially in a small space. Look outside the traditional lampshade styles, with composite materials, modern shading is both stylish and functional. There is a wide range of lampshades if you search online for local lighting stores, and if you don’t find something that really hits the spot, keep looking.
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Soft, Yellow Light
– Research suggests that a soft, yellow light is more inviting, especially in smaller rooms, and with incandescent lighting, the Kelvin rating is lowest. A single bedside table lamp is all you need in your sleeping area. One waist level lamp is all you need for general lighting in the evenings, as being a small room, minimal light is all you need. There are some more great lighting solutions for apartment living online, guaranteed to inspire.
Task Lighting – Be selective with task lighting – one over the food prep and dining area and perhaps a small spot for your workstation – which is more than enough. The bathroom can have a vertical strip light either side of the vanity, giving balanced task lighting, and make good use of colour - blue hues are good for relaxation.
Mirror Opposite the Window – This will reflect the natural light, making the room look larger than it really is. This is a very effective way to create an illusion of space and the mirror size should be in proportion to the room, with a long, vertical mirror for a high ceiling environment and a short but wide unit for a low ceiling room.
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Use Dimmer Switches
– If ever a living environment needed dimmers, it is an apartment. Dimmers give you fine control over all aspects of illumination and with effective blackout blinds, you have the entire range to play with.
Before you go rushing down to your nearest lighting store, assess the amount of natural light you have and base your purchases on that. Taking all of the above into account, your living space should have a more spacious look.