What is a Capsule Wardrobe and Why Should You Have One?

A capsule wardrobe will make life easier for any busy mom, for a variety of reasons. “Capsule wardrobe” is a term coined by fashionista Susie Faux, who defines it as a small collection of essential items of clothing that don't go out of fashion. Typically, these essentials would be made with high-quality fabrics, following a strict color scheme or in neutral colors to allow for mixing-and-matching.

The goal is to simplify the getting-ready process by having less options, and to be able to get dressed quickly and without much thought. With a capsule wardrobe, a small and tidy collection of pieces will still allow you to have an outfit for any occasion.

The minimalist lifestyle has been gaining popularity for some time now, and for good reason. Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up explains why purging unnecessary, excess items from your closet and your household will leave you feeling fantastic.

A capsule wardrobe makes sense for moms, who might need to clear some space in their closet for more important things and who need to spend their money on more important things than clothes. Once you realize how much less clothing you actually need in your life, you’ll start saving a ton of money that you used to spend on clothes. You’ll be able to afford to put your kid in dance class and you’ll also be able to afford high-quality clothing when you do go shopping (which should be about once per season.) You’ll also find that it’s quite nice to have a small collection of quality items rather than a closet full of low-quality clothing. A capsule wardrobe saves us time and makes life a little bit simpler. Below are some tips for those who want a capsule wardrobe:

Follow a Color Scheme

When everything in your closet matches and goes together, it makes getting dressed much easier. Plus, being able to mix-and-match very easily means that you’ll need less clothing items. It’s a given that you’ll need some neutral colors such as blacks, greys, white and cream. You may also want to choose a color scheme for pops of color that go with the rest of your wardrobe. The neutrals such as black and grey items would be your base colors, so you’d want most of your pants and skirts to be in these colors. Your accent colors should go together, such as green and blue. Your accent colors could present themselves in your blouses, tops, and even your shoes.

The Majority of Your Wardrobe Should Be Basics and Staple Items

Basic t-shirts and staple items such as a black A-line skirt should fill the majority of your small capsule wardrobe. When this is accomplished, you can start to look for a few statement pieces that are within your chosen color theme. For the most part, you’ll end up wearing the basics. Every now and then, however, there will be a special event that you’ll want a special statement piece for.

Every good capsule wardrobe has a handful of staples that are made with quality fabric and can easily create suitable outfits. American Apparel wholesale shirts are worth investing in. American Apparel is a well-known brand of affordable and well-constructed basics that are blank instead of patterned so that they can go with anything. This brand offers plenty of plain t-shirts and tops in super-soft cotton and high-quality fabrics that last.

Carefully Select Some Statement Accessories

When you have a capsule wardrobe, you’ll for the most part be wearing staple items and basic clothing in neutral colors. This allows you to have some fun with accessories. A small collection of statement accessories can add fashion and flair to the most basic of outfits pulled from your capsule wardrobe. A studded leather belt, a statement necklace with colorful gemstones, or a uniquely silk scarf helps you add personality to the same black t-shirt you’ve worn countless times.

Choose Items That Fit You Perfectly

Your capsule wardrobe will be its most functional if each item in your wardrobe fits right. Make sure the fabric is comfortable, the fit is great, it looks flattering and isn’t too small or too large. When you’re purging and minimizing, make sure to get rid of anything that is too small for you. Don’t keep something in your closet that you think you might fit into one day. This is a classic mistake that causes closets to fill up with clothing we never wear. You’ll be much happier and have peace of mind knowing that each and every item in your closet fits you perfectly and can be worn today and not tomorrow.