How I Became a Better Person Through Blogging

It was my husband who encouraged me to blog. I thought, why would I? I am not even a good writer and don't know what topics to write about and for sure, my English grammar is already rusty. I knew there are a lot of people out there who write better than me and probably have more great ideas than me, so why bother? Another thing that I was worried about was will anyone read my blog? But, a little more encouragement and there I found myself, creating my own blog on a free platform. It probably took me the whole day to create my very first blog. 

Reading through my very first articles, you'd know they were written by a very amateurish blogger and that's when I realised I need more practice. No one was visiting my blog and I even had to ask family and friends to read my articles. Then something hit me. I had to psyche myself, if I really want to be a blogger, I have to get rid of my self doubts and have a growth mindset. I don't care if no one reads my blog, what I need to do is improve on my writing. I didn't have to be a pro to write a good article but constantly doing so and sharing my ideas would one day, make me a good blogger.

More than twelve years later and here I am, still a blogger and I still love sharing my ideas and connecting with people from all across the globe. Blogging has taught me a lot of things. I used to share just my thoughts, but realised later on that it would be better if I also share what I learned online and the things I am very passionate about like baking, cooking and our travel experiences. That way, my readers will not just be entertained but learn from me as well. Something that they may find useful someday.

And it didn't stop there. As a blogger and influencer, I had to read many articles, do some research, watch tons of videos and even listen to the daily news for me to able to come up with fresh and meaningful ideas to share with everyone. Blogging also made me a better cook, baker and would you believe, a photographer. Of course, I had to plate my food well and take good photos. That way, the people looking at your recipe will also be encouraged to try it. 

Blogging has been very beneficial to me. Why, I have been compensated for some of my posts. Brands are pitching me to write reviews about their products and most of the time, products were sent to me to try. The financial compensations may have not been much, but it's more than enough to keep my blogs and hosting service up and running. The best compensation though, are the lessons I've learned, the friends I gained and knowing that there is a growing number of people getting interested to read my articles. Such a humbling experience knowing that people are paying attention to my writings. 

Blogging continues to empower me to share with everyone what I am passionate about and I know I will still be doing this for the years to come.


May Palacpac said…
Love that you do your share of research and simply being aware of what's going on around you when you blog. You're not just shooting blanks. Good on you!
Karla said…
Wow! 12 years is a long time! Like you, I started blogging just to share my experiences and ideas. I never thought it could give me a great source of passive income. I look forward reading more of your blog posts!
I have been blogging since I was in high school, I think blogging is a passion. Some people will appreciate this art and some will see it as boring. Anyway, I am glad that blogging made you a better person. may you continue blogging and inspire people:)
This is such an interesting and enlightening post. I've been thinking of starting my blog but I don't have enough confidence. but your story is so encouraging.
Blogging is continuous learning and I love it! IT is also our platform for self-expression. I'm blogging for more than 10-years and I love it :)
Awww thank you for sharing your journey. I also found myself in blogging and even if it’s hard, I won’t stop writing haha. More power to your and your blog!
Jessa Acala said…
This is inspiring. What I learned from great bloggers is that in order to be better at blogging, just write. Just do it on a consistent basis and you'll notice you're getting good at it.
just write write write.. even if you think no one is reading it. di mo alam meron ka nahehelp one way or another. i ve been blogging since 2004 naman... and i never stopped.. ay nun buntis lang ako tamad nun eh haha!
blogging changed my life as well. before it was just space for me to vent out but now it has made my life secure and comfortable. i felt such a connection while reading your post. to more success!
I've been blogging for 8 years now and like you, I started sharing ideas and my own life experiences. Now, I'm doing it full time na :)
Rowena said…
Like you I started blogging to share my experience, like an online diary. Been blogging for 6 years now and a lot has changed since I first started
Hyejin said…
This is so inspiring! I see myself with you too, I doubt my skills all the time because I felt that no one always believes in the things that I can do. If your husband encourages you, my friends did that to me. They encouraged me to write and told me to do the things that makes me happy.