Making The Eco Shift

Ever heard of The Natural Choice Ph? It's all about living a zero waste lifestyle by making the right choice of products for daily living that will benefit not only us but, the Earth as well and the future generations. The Natural Choice Ph offers products that are mostly bath essentials like shampoo and conditioner bars. Durable canvas bags for shopping and carry all stuff are also available as well as wooden combs. Currently, they are working on formulating body bars and they hope to launch them very soon. They sent me three of their products to try: Lavender Shampoo Bar, Mint Shampoo Bar and Oat Milk Conditioner.

If you're still not familiar, a shampoo bar is the bar form of the usual liquid or bottled shampoo that we all know. It also cleans and nourishes your hair and scalp, but the good thing is, it does not contain the harmful ingredients like sulfates, parabens and silicones. The bar is made from plant based ingredients and you can be sure that it’s gentle on your hair. Same goes to the conditioner bar.

Mint Shampoo Bar – It boosts circulation and promotes hair growth. Although this is not really the right shampoo for me (I was blessed with super thick hair!), this was the first one that I tried because I wanted to know how it will feel on my scalp and hair. It has a mild scent which I like and it lathers up really nicely. And because it has mint, I was expecting it to have a cooling effect on my scalp, but there was none. One thing I noticed as I was rinsing my hair, there were no tangles as I tried to comb my hair with my fingers. This doesn't normally happens with regular shampoo. My hair felt clean and soft after rinsing.

Lavender Shampoo Bar – It gently cleanses your scalp, lessens hair fall and relieves your hair of stress. I really like this one. It has a very mild and relaxing scent and it's very gentle on my hair. Just like the mint bar, there were no tangles after lathering up with this. My hair feels soft and smooth after using it. My hair also smells great.

Oat Milk Honey Conditioner Bar – It moisturises and helps repair damaged hair. I have to admit I judged this conditioner bar's detangling power right away before trying it. You see, I have thick hair like I mentioned earlier and it's kind of dry after having it permed a few months back. But then again, I thought, if the shampoos made my hair tangle free after using them, then this must do the trick as well. True enough, it did! It's not like the bottled conditioner that, when applied to hair, it slides smoothly. What I did was rub the bar on my hands and applied it on my wet hair using my hands. I had to repeat it a few times until I felt my hair fully covered with it. I let it stay on my hair for a minute or so before rinsing. My hair felt soft and shiny. I also noticed that it is more manageable as I was drying my hair.

I have used shampoo bars before, but I always go back to using chemical-laden bottled shampoos and conditioners because the bars aren't easily available then. I usually only see them in the malls. It's good that shampoo bars can now be easily ordered online because I have finally decided to make the switch. By the way, I forgot to mention that after using the Lavender Bar and Oat milk Conditioner for days, I tried switching back to the chemical-laden liquid shampoo that I'm regularly using. My scalp felt itchy which I didn't feel before when I was using it before. It is for this reason that I decided to make the switch and use shampoo bars with natural ingredients. Aside from doing my scalp and hair good, I know that I'm also contributing something to the environment through the zero waste campaign.

- The shampoo bars and conditioner are gentle on the scalp and hair. 
- They leave the hair tangle-free, soft, shiny and easier to manage. 
- They have a mild scent that is not irritating to the nose. 
- The products are reasonably priced. 

 Cons: - The conditioner bar is too soft, if you are not careful, it will melt easily. 

My rating: 
Mint Shampoo Bar - 8.5/10 
Lavender Shampoo Bar - 8.5/10 
Oat Milk Conditioner - 8.5/10 
Packaging - 10/10 Price 10/10

If like me, you are also thinking of switching check them on Facebook: @TheNaturalChoicePhils and on IG: @thenaturalchoiceph. Just send them a direct message for your orders.


Ringo Itsuki said…
Thankyou for sharing great review po mommy . Gusto ko din tlga ito matry lalo na at dry and damage hair ako .. very helpful tlga ito . Gaya ng hair mo mommy ang ganda shine at ang lambot pa šŸ˜❤️(Apple Joy CamaƱero)
Melissa Cushing said…
This is pretty cool and I would love to try this for myself. I use good shampoos as my hair needs all of the help I can get so curious how this is not conditioning and all that good stuff. Thank you for sharing and will have to give these a try as I think that is really cool.
Chad said…
The natural soap! I will check it out for sure, i love natural products and wouldn't use anything that is not natural.
monicazyoung said…
We have been trying to go greener, so this might be a good product to add to our list of shopping
ang galing! maganda talaga to kasi plant-based. Talagang natural. I'll check this and add it to my shopping list! Thanks for sharing!
This product is new to me, never heard about their company before. But looks like they're using natural ingredients.. let me check it out. !
the first time i tried a shampoo bar changed my life and my travel life. super convenient and tipid! nowadays I'm just trying to use up my stash before i use shampoo bars exclusively.
I haven't tried shampoo bars and the like. This brand is something worth trying and good coz it is made locally.
So happy that organic soaps are now making noise. Nakapag-try na ko ng organic soaps and effective talaga. Sana mas makilala pa sila
I've long been wanting to try shampoo bars because of their wholesome ingredients. I think I should just go for it and order one for myself.
im not so much yet into shifting to eco but i try my very best always, with little things. im curious with the shampoo bar. mabula din ba sya?
Mumshie Nica said…
I've heard and read about shampoo bar before but never really tried it. Thank you for this review, I'll try them soon!
Jessamae said…
Never heard of this products but I can say I wanted to try.
To be honest, I haven't tried any shampoo or conditioner bars before. I'm suffering from hair fall lately, so I guess I'll have that lavender shampoo bar.
Dems said…
Love discovering more and more eco-friendly brands as much as knowing that people are supporting local and joining the cause. Hope they also have a hair care line for wavy and curly hair.
Hyejin said…
I would love to try this! Eco soaps are now making big in the market and I think it really help us to have a healthier skin and hair.
I am an environmentalist so these products I really want try out!!! Wish they'll be effective on me tho since I have major hair and skins problems huhuhuhh
Rowena said…
This is a great review! Thinking of getting eco friendly products too. Will check their product out, specially the lavander one