Alagang lola, alagang Lola Remedios!

Old-fashioned Filipinos will always associate sore and achy feeling with "lamig." Can you relate? Ako, I grew up not having a lola because both grandmothers from my parents passed when I was still very young. The only lola I knew was my husband’s Lola Taba. I love her dearly because finally, I was able to feel how it was to have a lola. Whenever she knew that I feel tired, sore or achy, she would immediately say, “ayan, nalamigan ka na naman.” Too bad she already left us kaya I miss her so much especially when I am not feeling well. Mabuti na lang at may Lola Remedios. Isang shot lang nito, tanggal agad ang “lamig.”

It's a quick relief for sore and achy muscles, itchy throat or when you have this feeling of heaviness after a long day from work. If you're not familiar, Lola Remedios is a supplement made from mint, honey, ginger, clove, fennel. At lahat ito, may health benefits, no wonder Lola Remidios is very effective. It's a sweet, instant liquid drink that you take whenever you feel you have that "lamig." Lola Remedios is a popular household name because it is effective, very affordable, masarap and easy to take. One sachet only costs 10php and it's readily available in drugstores, groceries, convenience stores and can be even bought in sari-sari stores.

If you haven't already, I would recommend that you try this. It easily soothes itchy throat and relieves achy and sore muscles. Grandmothers are very loving and they always want to show you how much they care. We may not have Lola Taba with us anymore, but I still feel the Aaagang lola with Lola remedios!