Get Your Skin Glowing Again with Sunroi

Ever wonder why Korean women have hauntingly beautiful skin? That's because skin care is of utmost importance for them. It is an investment worthy of not just their money, but time. I used to think that the boom in K beauty products was just a hype, but as the years went by, these became even more popular not just here in Asia, but the whole world as well. These products are more more affordable and very effective that's why. Sunroi PH is one of the Korean beauty products that recently launched here. I got to try their Aptox Ampoule and Ointment Aptox Cream.

Product Description:

Sunroi Aptox Ampoule. Aptox, which is a peptide with a mechanism similar to that of a Botox, the hyaluronic acid, PDRN, which is a natural moisturiser, and eighteen types of multiple peptides alleviate deep wrinkles and supply moisture. It is a functional ampoule MTS filler. It is one of their wrinkle care lines that relieves deep wrinkles in the skin.

Sunroi Ointment Aptox Cream. Based on the Medical Formulation Technology APTOX, which has a mechanism similar to that of Botox, alleviates deep wrinkles within the skin, the hyaluronic acid of various molecular weights and PDRN, a natural moisturising ingredient extracted from the spermary of salmon, and multiple peptides supply essential nutrition to the skin. It is a skin regenerating ointment cream with double functions. i. e. whitening and wrinkle improvement.

My thoughts.

The ampoule comes in a little glass bottle with an easy squeeze applicator. It contains hyaluronic acid that is known as a natural moisturizer. The liquid serum is clear and has a runny consistency. Don't underestimate the moisturizing power of this liquid though. Two to three drops can cover the whole face as well as the neck area. I apply this right after cleansing my face with a mild facial cleanser and toner. It has no scent and is not sticky at all. My skin feels soft and plump after application. I've been using it for two weeks and some of my sun spots have brightened a bit.

I'm using the Sunroi Aptox Ampoule with the Sunroi Ointment Aptox Cream. This also contains hyaluronic acid and is said to alleviate deep wrinkles within the skin. A pea size of this ointment can cover the whole face and neck area. The cream has a very mild scent that is not irritating to the nose. Both the Ampoule and the Cream will go a long way. 

If you would compare the photos, you'll see that my double eye bags have diminished a little and the lines under my eyes have toned down too. I will continue to use this duo until I consume the whole bottle and tube and I'm pretty sure they will continue to work miracles on my skin.

The only thing I didn't like is my skin felt more oily. Other than that, I like how the products worked for me. Both are gentle on the skin and I love the results I am getting. If you are looking for products that will help breathe life into your skin, get it glowing again and battle the signs of aging, this ampoule and ointment are worth giving a try.

My rating: 
Sunroi Aptox Ampoule - 9/10 
Sunroi Ointment Aptox Cream - 9/10 
Packaging - 10/10 
Price - 8.5/10
Where to buy?

You can purchase the Aptox Ampoule and the Ointment Aptox Cream through their FB page: or IG page: Right now they have an ongoing promo where you can get 30% off for the APTOX series and 40% off for the 76 Peptide. Hurry and check them out now to avail of these discounts. Promo ends while supply lasts.

Aptox Ampoule - 875Php
Aptox Cream - 1,120Php

76 Peptide Cream - 960Php
76 Peptide Ampoule - 750Php

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own and was in no way influenced by anyone or the brand.


Ringo Itsuki said…
Wow must try this . Ang ganda ng benefits niya sa skin natin . Grabe i like your reveiw po in 2 weeks ang ganda ng kinalabasan very effective tlga siya 🤗❤️ thank you for sharing this po . 🤗🤗
Jenny Labutap said…
this is so nice po and talagang ang ganda ng mga korean creams ang mga skincare ng korea sure na effective and maganda sa skin sure na mag gglow ka pa �� must try talaga ito and very recommended ��
Korean skin care products talaga lalo na mga serum moisturizer are one of the most great products. More on natural ingredients sila at safe for skin. Im a big fan of their products too
Kurt Everfresh said…
Maganda po ang epekto kita naman sa picture ang difference.
Honestly bago ko lang po narinig about this product at masasabi ko na effective talaga ang beauty products ng korea. I must have to try this.
Korean skin care products talaga lalo na mga serum moisturizer are the best products. They are made with natural ingredients that's why it is safe for our skin. I'm a big fan of their products too.
May Palacpac said…
Uy, ang ganda ng effect sa skin mo! It looks supple and smooth and very clean, which is my favourite part.
alita said…
I really love the positive effects on your skin
Super visible yung result in 2 weeks based sa before and after photos ninyo. Nag glow talaga kayo!
Yeah i think it is part of their culture doon. Pero yung skin naman ng koreans sa philippines, not that glassy. Hahahaa. Pero yeah, maybe it’s the weather din. No harm in trying this din naman lalo na for me na bad skin condition haha
I'm also into Korean skin care products and it's really addicting once you've seen the good effect on you. This products seems effective on you po, and the product is worth sharing to your readers. Im also using ampoules so I think this product is worth the try given the visible effect on you :)
Iba pa rin talaga pag Korean products eh no. Proven and tested na quality talaga. Ang ganda ng after effect niya!!!
Mywondermom said…
I definitely see the difference! You are beautiful in both photos but the recent one medyo glass skin effect din. I love the results. (Trying to control myself, hehehe)
Blair villanueva said…
Wow! The difference is very vivid. That skincare brand truly delivers its promise.
Rowena said…
Love the effect on you Momsh. Thinking of using this too. I read a lot of good reviews about thjs product
i noticed the glow in your skin, please update us when you've tried it for a month already. i wanna know how its effect on you.
enna said…
Super love the result!! This is really why K-Beauty is flourishing too; they really have the best skin care products out there.
Misskhae said…
Whoa! The result is amazing for two weeks. Although I'm not surprised na talaga because even me, sobrang hiyang ako sa any korean skincare products. The price isn't that bad kasi kitang kita naman din sa result.
Roxas Edgardo said…
This kind of Beauty Product was so Interesting, and really must have this, Kitang kita ang ganda ng benefits Mommy Liz, you looks glowing nga po talaga .. sobrang effective at napaka Affordable pa..