Working from home and loving it

When the pandemic started, most of us were tied to working from home. I wasn't until the higher surge in positive cases, March of this year. Well, I am not complaining because this is better to me than bad. Let’s be real though, no matter where you are working from, you are still working. The thing is, you should have a good working environment where you will be most effective when working. Let me tell you some of the reasons why I said this is better to me than bad.

Yes, I love dressing up for work, putting on some makeup and driving to my office five days a week, but it's also nice working in a cozy room and wearing comfortable clothes (sometimes in pyjamas!). I get to wear loose shirts and shorts while working, especially that it's the peak of summer, wearing cozy clothes makes me more productive. And when I'm working in the bedroom, I get to listen to some news shows while tapping away on my laptop. And when I don't feel like it, I can listen to my playlist which I can't do when I'm in the office.

The schedule is very flexible too. I can take breaks at any moment and hang out with my husband or daughter for a few minutes, have coffee or snacks in between or even play online games to reduce stress from my workload. I found a website that offers free games; games that I used to play before that I didn't think are still around. I was amazed at how Minesweeper, a puzzle game I loved, became more challenging. This used to be easy for me and I can solve the puzzles really fast. I think I'm getting rusty. Either that or the games have really become challenging. It's also amazing how some classic computer games that I used to love has changed so much. If you're up to it, there are more fun and free games there even for the kiddos if you'd like to explore the site. Ooh, I digressed a little!

Working from home also helped me save some lunch money. Ordering lunch from cafes or restos can get expensive sometimes. Our office is rather small and there is no canteen or cafeteria. If we need food, we have to go out to eat or order from nearby cafes or fast food chains. Home cooked meals are not only delicious, but inexpensive as well. They are healthier because you know what goes into your food. You can find some of the recipes on my food blog for some home cooked meal ideas. I also get to enjoy it with my family and I can take longer lunch breaks. I have more time with loved ones and even squeeze in an hour of working out. I also have more time for my online business; baking, that is.

Of course, I wouldn't be telling the truth if I didn't tell you the bad side, right? I feel very sleepy when I'm working on the bed, especially during the afternoon. Yes, power naps are good, but when the nap stretches to more than 30 minutes, then I'm in trouble. Lol.

Other than that, I would like to say that if I could, I would love to work from home forever. :)