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 Sigurista Parent Approved: Sulit Must-Haves For Your Newborn

Being a new parent is such an exciting time. Whether it’s your first baby, or your second or third, every newborn makes any parent feel like they are entering a new chapter in their lives. But with the excitement of this chapter comes worries and fears about making sure you are giving your baby everything he or she needs. Sigurista Parents like you can’t help but want only the best for your baby!

To help you get started, here are some of the items you need to invest in and stock up on as soon as possible. It will help make your baby’s first few months some of the best months of his or her life!

Drink up

One of the first decisions every parent has to make is how they will feed their baby. There is extensive research on the benefits of breastfeeding, so if you are going this route, it’s best you stock up on breast pumps, nursing pads, and nipple cream. If you’re going the bottle-feeding path, stock up on quality bottles and bottle brushes. There are also a bunch of sterilizers that you can look into to make the cleaning process easier for you!


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Bath time is fun time

For first time parents, giving their tiny babies a bath can be daunting. To ease your fears, make sure you get shampoo and soap that are gentle on baby’s skin, as well as soft towels to dry them off with. Invest in a bath seat or infant tub to lessen chances of accidents in the bathroom.


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Sweet dreams all night

Sleep training is becoming more popular among this generation of new new wake up energized every morning!


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Rash protection like no other

A baby’s diaper is one of the most important items in a parent’s must-have list. A Sigurista Parent knows that a good diaper will help keep baby more comfortable and prevent unwanted rashes. That’s why it’s important for Sigurista Parents like you to invest in the best.

Pampers Baby Dry for Newborn has a 2-in-1 Rash Shield that helps prevent diaper rash that comes long periods of kulob and babad. Pampers Baby Dry for Newborn  the best diaper choice if you’re looking for superior protection from rashes for your newborn’s skin.

As a new mom, Sigurista Parent Camille Co shares how her adorable little girl is growing up so quickly and how choosing Pampers Baby Dry for Newborn  has helped her savor every moment with her baby. “Sienna bug is growing up too fast! 😭 She’s already learning how to sit! Soon, she’ll be crawling. Someone press pause please. Before we know it, we won’t be playing like this anymore and I’ll probably be chasing her all over the house. Imagine having to chase her countless times for diaper changes too? 😂 Good thing with @pampersph Baby Dry For Newborn’s 2-in-1 Rash Shield, we can do less diaper changes and not worry about rashes brought about by kulob and wetness.”


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Mommy Fidelis on the other hand puts her baby’s comfort as top priority and Pampers Baby Dry for Newborn helps her provide this. She shares, “Playtime and bedtime is very important to growing babies like Francine. And ayokong naabala yun just because I need to change her diaper frequently. Kaya naman simula umpisa pa lang, Pampers Baby Dry na ang gamit nya that protects her all day from kulob and wetness. And most importantly, it has a #SiguristaShield kaya iwas rashes! Comfy night and day!”


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You got this Sigurista Parent!

At the end of the day, you are the best person to judge what’s best for your baby. Don’t panic too much. Trust your parental instincts. Let your love and care for your baby guide your way. Start with the essentials and trust only the best reviewed products with proven benefits.  

When you’ve invested in only quality products like Pampers Baby Dry for Newborn, you can rest assured that your baby is well taken care of. Camille reiterates, “#ChoosePampers and trust in its #SiguristaShield for more bonding moments and less stress.”

Add this Sigurista Parent essential to your cart today. Pampers Baby Dry for Newborn is available in the P&G Official online shops on Lazada and Shopee


Thank you for sharing , isa tlga sa pinaka magandang brand
Itong pampers , lalo na pag para sa mga baby natin dpt sigurista
Tayong mga nanay para mka iwas sa rashes at tlgang komportable
Si baby . Highly recommended itong pampers ��❤️
Hyun Jang Nim said…
I love how it gives babies comfort and protection. This is a trusted brand for several years already. Highly recommended
I really agree how exciting it is to become a parents. The excitement comes together with the worries and fears about making sure you are giving everything the baby needs. Its really nice that there's some things like this that will give an idea for those new parents out there. This is a great help for every parents to have some clues on what items they should invest that will help them in raising their babies. This is really informative and amazing
Roxas Edgardo said…
This is absolutely amazing, and really Worth to Share for all the Mothers here .. super Trusted Brand Ever, high quality and Really good for all the Babies 💯💯💯