What to Know When House-Hunting in the "Music City"

If you’re considering the birthplace of rock as your future home, these are the top things you should know!

Seeing Graceland is Something Only Tourists Do

When you first arrive in town, see Graceland early on.  Although living here means you can visit Elvis’ home and past at any time if you live here, most locals hold off because it’s viewed as a tourist trap.

Get your visit in early so that you can start your life as a local, but don't be afraid to visit again later if you really want to!  Although many try to blend in as quickly as possible, let yourself have fun if you don't care about looking like a tourist!

Nature and Wildlife Are Vibrant and Gorgeous Here

Memphis is surrounded by gorgeous wildlife on all sides.  From the beautiful mountains to the rivers and the amazing marching mallards, you'll never run out of things to see and do.

This could mean hiking on the weekends, or white water rafting with your family in the summer, but be sure to make time for a work and life balance.  Don’t waste all of this natural beauty by focusing solely on your job!

You’re Surrounded By Music of Every Kind

Although this is the birthplace of rock and roll, you can find almost any kind of live music show here.  From blues to bluegrass, just keep an eye out for band announcements, and show posters, and make sure to attend! 

If you're raising a family here, this can be an incredible way to introduce them to other music styles and genres that they might not find anywhere else in the country.

Housing Is Extremely Affordable

The housing in Memphis is some of the most affordable in the country.  With inflation low in this area and the market in a kinder sellers' market than most of the country: almost anyone who wants to buy a home can afford one in this area.

The best part is, you can often afford far more land here than you can anywhere else, which means you’ll be able to get a property where your family can grow and spread out.  This is awesome for anyone starting a life with their spouse.

Be Aware of Flooding and Foundational Issues

Some Memphis houses for sale are prone to flooding and ground shifting.  Whenever you look at a property, ask about water damage or any foundational issues, and listen carefully to what they tell you.

You deserve a home that’s safe and that you won’t have to worry about after you purchase it.

Memphis is the Dream City for Many

If you're moving to Memphis for a job or to start fresh with your family, get the most out of this city as possible.  Memphis is an amazing place to live, don't be afraid to visit and fall in love with it!