Finding happiness by living with less

While most of us are consumed with the next best item or thing, one thing that we have to remind ourselves (especially during this time of year) is that more are being not always more. Over the years I have learned that less is actually more because it gives you the time and ability to really focus on the things that matter to you. Finding and seeing the beauty in everyday life (in all aspects, even negative situations) is definitely hard, but when you learn how to do so, it makes life so much more joyful and happy. You can find joy and beauty, no matter how hard your situation is - you just have to look for it.

Although quite a few people find joy through materialistic things, I prefer to find joy through living simply and really appreciating the small things in my life: my family, my home, and the experiences that we get to make together. I believe that each and every one of you can do this too, by living simply and finding happiness by living with less. Here are a few ways to make that happen: 

Less stuff = less cleaning

Maybe it’s just me, but I do have a hard time finding joy in cleaning. There are ways to see that the glass is half full, though! When you are dusting those picture frames, think about the memories that were made through those pictures. When you are doing your kids' laundry, think about the fun times they had as you are scrubbing out the mud stain, or the tomato sauce on their shirts. Even so, cleaning less is definitely more joyful for me because it gives me the ability to spend more time with my family and the ones I love. This is where living simply comes into play - the less you have, the more your cleaning time is cut down and right now is the perfect time to get rid of things, with it being spring and all. Start with your bigger items and figure out what can go and what can stay. Then, look into all of your smaller items like clothing, jewelry, books, and other miscellaneous items. 

Increased organization

Reducing clutter in your home isn’t just great because it reduces the amount that you have to clean, but it can also help you to stay more organized. I don’t know about you, but being organized definitely makes me happier! Having less material things in your home can make it easier to find the things you need when you need them and get on with the rest of your life. Whenever I talk to friends and family members about living a more minimalist lifestyle, we always come to realize that there is so much stuff in our homes that we just don’t need. Having all of this extra stuff can make us feel bogged down, stuck, and take away from the value of the things that actually matter. Not to mention that when you keep only those things that you truly love and find happiness with, you appreciate them so much more. Start small, by organizing and decluttering just one area, then gradually work your way around your home. Enjoy your new, organized, happier life!

You are able to focus on what matters most

Living a simpler lifestyle doesn’t mean living a boring life - trust me! Having less material possessions allows you to change your focus from things to experience. In my time here on Earth, I’ve learned that it is the things that you actually do that you remember and that make your life meaningful, not the things you own. Many times, when you become focused on having the biggest and best things, you can lose track of what is actually important: living life to the fullest and loving each other as best as we can. Practicing minimalism and living a simple life can help to eliminate the distractions of material possessions and help you find joy in your everyday life. 

There are many ways to reduce clutter, open up your home, and live with less. While it can be challenging to let go and actually get rid of items (and not buy extra unnecessary items in the future), once you learn the ropes, it will reduce stress and more than likely, increase your overall happiness, as well. If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to decluttering your home, start with-

  1. Sorting through your things
  2. Figuring out what you can get rid of
  3. Get help

    Last but not least, if you need the extra help getting things done, just hire it out. You can do anything as a mom (I truly believe that), because you just have to put your mind to it, and use your village when needed, but there are some things you might not want to do yourself, such as moving heavy furniture around, or packing up boxes, if you are moving to a new home. This is when you need to create an even larger village, and include local, family-run companies who can help you get your task done. For example, if you need help with moving, Fresh Start - The Moving Crew is a local company that can help you take that stress off your plate. They are residential movers, commercial movers, packers, and they even do things like long distance moving Worcester MA. They have insane reviews - like SO good, and they have a great foundation on how they can create a stress-free move, with amazing service for their clients. As a mom, getting help is needed, in order to get everything done, without stress. Definitely keep that in mind!