Weekend Getaway with the Family

After being locked up in our homes for two years because of the pandemic, people now are raring to go out. And by that, I mean going out of town for a short vacation or weekend getaways with family or friends. As soon as the CoVid-19 alert level went down to level 1, people started booking for their family trips to beat the scorching heat of the sun. 

My family recently got home from a weekend in a private resort. We never travelled for two years, afraid that we might get the virus, especially that my parents are staying with us and we have girls who were still unvaccinated then. So when traveling was once again allowed, we took the chance and booked a flight for the whole family.

It was a weekend full of fun swimming in the beach, enjoying their pools and engaging in different water sports activities. The twins had so much fun playing in the white bounce house in one of their pools. 

So glad that they have this because the girls enjoyed it so much and even made some new friends there. They even stayed longer in the pool because of this and got sad every time we tried to leave the pool. I think a white bouncy castle house would also work on the beach. It will be more fun for not just the kids, but the adults as well, to have this thing floating near the shore. It's an added attraction and activity for the resort. If I had a pool in our house, I'll make sure I have a small inflatable bounce house, too.

Anyway, that weekend getaway last week was a great break from the stressful city life we've had for the last two years. It wasn't that stressful for me though, because I turned to baking. It's a forgotten passion that awakened when the lockdowns began. Many of us suffered from depression because we can't go out of the house and the fear of getting infected. Staying at home and wondering when the pandemic will end and if the time will come that we will be able to go out again like we used to without having to wear masks. As for me, wearing masks is okay. Even if the cases are low, you cannot deny it that the virus is still here and there are still people who are unvaccinated. However, I am really glad that with the new norm, people are more cautious and observing safety health protocols. How about you? Have you travelled with your family yet?