Michel Oyco (Michael's Hut), a lifestyle blogger

Blogging has long been a popular way for many people to express their passions, ideas, knowledge and experiences with readers all around the globe. I, myself, has been blogging since 2007. But today, I will not be talking about myself or my blogs. I like meeting and learning about other influencers so I'd like to introduce to you a well-known lifestyle blogger, Michael Oyco of Michael's Hut.

1. What convinced you to blog?

I liked taking photos back then and I have tons of hard copies of pictures as proof. So when the digital age started, I suddenly shifted to it since it is less expensive and space consuming. The transition happened to me naturally. What I was asking myself is that I didn't like writing back then, but when I started blogging.. I am suddenly now okay writing things which was an unusual thing for me. I suppose people change, right? Hehe. With the picture albums I have, writing small details about it helps a lot to remember things that the pictures may not be able to show. So I guess those "little details" on the moments captured are a big thing for me, leading me to start blogging. It was then energized when we started making trips abroad and the rest is history.

2. When did you start blogging? 

My earlier blog post was way back in 2013 and it was mostly friend's and family's businesses. I still remember that I wanted to help them feature it online and reach more people (customers). Maybe, graduating with a business degree was something to do with this. 

3. How often do you post?

Currently, I only post twice a month because I campaign for every post I produce. I let them mature and be exposed so they will be indexed by search engines. Hopefully, I can do more in the future!

4. What makes you different from the other lifestyle blogs and bloggers? 

Well, to be honest, all lifestyle bloggers are different from each other since they are literally talking about what they experience from day to day. We all have different perspectives to express about so everyone for me has his/her personality to show. The thing that may be a game changer here is the way how one expresses it through writing and presenting the blog to the viewers. It's the execution!

5. What do you expect to gain from blogging?

Aside from earning! Haha! (Who would not want that) I treat this as an investment to do until my retirement days. I enjoy doing it so why not pursue it, right? Hehe. I would like to appreciate it in the future that this will serve as an open online diary of my adventures. Man, going back to the memory lane using this would be a treasure in the future!

6. How do you see yourself in the next 5 years? 

I would like to still enjoy every bit of the articles I write (through experience) and maybe go a little bit bigger in terms of production. A team that would help me do stuff and create more productive content is such a dream.


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