The Friendliest Blogger Award

A new blogger friend gave me this wonderful award. Irish thank so much I was so moved by those very kind words.

I just would like to say thank you to a blogger friend who has contributed to my knowledge and growth in blogging. I know, she might have probably helped you too, she is a great friend, I can feel it. So, I would like to present this award to her.

I am awarding this FRIENDLIEST BLOGGER to my blogger friend, LIZA. Thank u mommy, and keep on inspiring others. :) Your really a cool mom. Thank you and more power to your blogs!


Maya said…
You deserved a friend like her. even i would hand you this award.
Liz said…
thanks maya! you are sweet too... i love you! mwah!
awe how sweet! But I have to agree you deserve this award! ^_^

Keep up the good work!