Food Friday: Sukiyaki

food friday

It was my dad's birthday last week and mom cooked his favorite dish, Sukiyaki. It's a famous Japanese dish cooked nabemono or steamboat style with paper thin beef, vermicelli, vegetables, tofu and inoki mushrooms. Mom used dried shiitake mushrooms instead because inoki mushrooms are not always available here.

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Anonymous said…
From the name itself, we can guess it is some Japanese recipe. Believe it or not, I have never tried Japanese food in my life. They look so raw.

My wishes to your daddy.
Anonymous said…
thanks atniz ;)

you should try japanese food, they're good. sukiyaki is not eaten raw but beaten [raw] egg is added to the hot broth to sort of diminish the strong flavor.
Mira said…
We love eating in Japanese resto but we rarely get sukiyaki, but I'm interested to try making this at home. Pls share the recipe naman ;-). Tks.
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Monica said…
I love Japanese food but I've never tried Sukiyaki before..

Happy belated birthday to your daddy!! ;-)
Anonymous said…
hi! Lisa

this looks yum. would you mind to share the recipe? I would really love to learn how to make homemade sukiyaki.
Anonymous said…
belated happy bday to your dad!!
i don't think i've tried that before, sis ... :)

thanks for joining again!
salamat din sa tag, ha! will be doing it soon, pwamis! :)

happy friday!
another yummy dish. my family loves japanese!
Mayumie said…
Oh gosh! I used to eat this when I was in Pinas :-) Now I am craving for this. Yummy! I love Japanese foods..

Anyway, just hopping by here and reading some of your posts :-). Tclots te Liz. Hope you can visit me if you have time.

 gmirage said…
Yummmm (drool) lol.

You and Maiylah both posted jap foods, nagutom ako...teka bago ko humanap ng pagkain I tagged you. -for foodies!
Anonymous said…
Ah, eto pala ang sukiyaki! Mukhang masarap!

My food friday is served HERE.

Happy weekends!
Gorgeous MUM said…
that was so sweet of your mum! belated birthday greetings to your dad!
Anonymous said…
Hmmn, maybe I'll try making this at home. Hope you'll share the recipe next time :)belated happy birthday to your dad.
Zeee said…
wow! i haven't tried Sukiyaki before...scary naman yung Japanese food...but I WILL, one of these days! hehehe

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Traipsey Turvey
oh no! jap foods again!! you guys are really getting me salivate!! im dying for jap foods now!!! :)
Amrit said…
Happy belated b'day to ur dad
plz write its recipe also i would love to try it at home.
Check out my blog for Indian recipes :
Unknown said…
looks good and yummy.. :-)

u got an interesting blog here.. thanks or the drops.. i gave u one today too..

by the way, i added u in my blogroll..hope its alright with u.. see u around!