Burping A Lot

Burping is our body's way of releasing gas from the stomach after we eat, and the most likely cause of it is sucking too much air when we eat or drink. It could sometimes be embarrassing especially when you burp too loud.

According to the article I've read, you can side step this by taking in less air. How? Try to eat and drink more slowly, like if you're used to eating your meals for 10 minutes, train yourself to eat for 30 minutes. Skip carbonated drinks and gum. Opt for coffee when you feel you must have caffeine.

Burping is not really a cause for concern and there are only a few cases reported that frequent burping can indicate a problem in the upper digestive tract.

Mommy's Little Corner


Anonymous said…
thanks for the info...madalas nag be burp ang eldest ko at the time na nasa harap pa mandin kmi ng kainan ...maybe he usually drink softdrinks in school.

hava a great week ahead!
Gorgeous MUM said…
you really have such informative blog, ate liza!

luv it!
Anonymous said…
At last I can solve the problem of burping my ABC's after dinner. j/k

nice to know that I just have to slow down. Now, if my job would slow just a little.
very detailed one here. thanks for the "filling" article.
NH Yocal said…
I burp way too much...a la GERD.
Eat still for 30 minutes? I'll try. But I'm not much of a burper. My sister is. Actually, she's more of a belcher. Does it louder than my brothers. =)

Btw, please vote for my blog, insights from the grocery cart, at http://poll.pollcode.com/FNf. thanks!

Alright, you have convinced me to go get some coffee. Love your tips (I say that everytime but it is true).
Gorgeous MUM said…
It's so nice to have found FRIEND in YOU!