Food Friday: Tibok-tibok

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Mom brought home this local dessert from Pampanga the other day. It's called Tibok-tibok, a milk pudding usually made from coconut milk. It's also popularly known as Maja Blanca but the Capampangans use carabao's milk instead of the usual coconut milk which makes it creamier. Fattening but really yummy.

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Anonymous said…
Ay ang sarap ng Maja! I like that :)
What I wouldn't do to have a bite of that right now!
Mira said…
Nice name, LOL. I love maja blanca and carabao milk is good.
Zeee said…
Wow! That looks yummy! I haven't tasted Maja Blanca with Carabao's milk though..

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Marky said…
WoW! Sarap! Hehehehe!

Mommy liza, can we exlinks poh with my new blog?

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Anonymous said…
I saw how they made this on TV - It looks really yummy, but they used lots of eggs and pork fat oil, and being a person who has high cholesterol, I don't think I can eat this. But I would give it a taste, siguro one spoonful lang.

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visiting today coz I know it's food friday. my mom's also cabalen.

maja with carabao's milk? haven't tried this, but love pastillas from carabao's milk.

happy weekend!

Claire said…
That looks delicious, but what are those crunchy looking things on top? Nuts? yummy!
Anonymous said…
pampanga's maja blanca is just the best! luscious and creamy and go-od!
 gmirage said…
Seems I still dont know much of pinoy desserts....Buti na lang through FF I learn about them! Thanks for sharing this, it does look lie maja no, i wonder tuloy since hindi coco milk...Happy FF!
Marky said…
Added this one as LIZA! Thanks poh!
Unknown said…
looks good and yummy... better start looking for this... thanks for sharing... :)
Jeanny said…
This looks yummy...parang gusto ko nyan maja blanca :)

Btw, drop an EC :)
Anonymous said…
This looks YUMMY Mommy Liz ;)

Drop to ur EC!

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