Brain Power Boost

Did you know that pairing vitamins C and E may lessen your Alzheimer's risk by as much as 64%? According to experts, just 500 milligrams of C and 400 IU of E appear to be enough. These antioxidants may act as shields to the brain's high fat content that make it vulnerable to free radicals. Some studies suggest that it is the E that does the job of reducing free radicals in the body, but then it's capacity is depleted. Vitamin C may recharge E. Talk to your doc about your risks for Alzheimer's and dementia and about taking both supplements.


teJan said...

hi..thanks for this health info mommy!

have a nice day!

Bryan said...

Great post. I always love reading new ways about the key for healthy living. Thanks for the post!

RoseBelle said...

I've heard about this but it just went over my head. Prevention is key to a a healthy lifestyle so I think I should pay attention to these vitamine stuff.

GagayMD said...

ate liz!!! you were awarded!

happy blogging!

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Beng Gee said...

Well, I think I need this two vitamins. I'm beginning to be forgetful eh! ooh la la..

Have a lovely week ahead Liz!

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