What Makes Some Kids Fit?

It's their families. Recent studies have shown that kids whose parents encouraged them to exercise maintained healthier body weights. Parents are the best teachers and kids learn behavior from them. If you are eating junk foods and sits in front of the tv for a long time, your child won't want to take a walk. It will be more fun if you join them. When you do it together, your kids will see exercise as a game and not a chore.


RoseBelle said…
That is so true. Parents should lead by examples and encourage their kids to be engaged in healthy eating and exercising
Stacie said…
Good Morning Liz, I have an award for you on my blog.
JENIE=) said…
yeah, let's make use of whatever will be effective in making them do what they won't do...exercise tru games and play time.

im back;) though truth is, i can't see my blogs here haha. where is it listed y the way?! will link you back.