Want to Live Longer?

It is never too late to get fit! Did you know that even those who wait until they reach the age of 50 to exercise can boost their health and lower their risk of premature death? A recent study showed that people (aged 50-82) who increased their physical activity from low or medium to high cut their mortality rate to half compared to those who did not exercise. So why not start today? Simply walking at the park or tending to your garden may help drop your risk.


Swubird said…

My uncle Bob used to say that the secret of long life was a shot of whiskey every evening before bed time. But I think I'll follow your advice instead.

So I'm off to buy some new walking shoes.

Thanks for the tip.

Happy trails
RoseBelle said…
I would love to tend go out and do some jogging but gosh, the weather is so unpredictable. It would rain, then stop but here comes gutsy wind, then the rain returns. It even rain when it's sunny. I just try to run on my elliptical machine
Gorgeous MUM said…
Hello Ate Liza! Just visiting!
Joanne Olivieri said…
I walk everyday anywhere from a half hour to two to three hours and I feel so refreshed when I come home. It's different for everyone but that is my exercise of choice.
I've had some issues with my left knee that has been slowing me down. Last Saturday I had an appointment with a physical therapist - awesome. He showed me what to do to regain my comfort and get back in my stride.

Too often I find that I overlook the obvious - expert help available. Glad I got the help I needed this time.


Unknown said…
Everyday chores can help get a person fit. Walking is a great thing to do. I prefer walking to a Grocery store rather than take my vehicle.

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Have a good day!:)
Fely said…
Oh yes, I do agree with you 100% on this one. Having said that, my kids are working me from dawn till dusk so I get involuntary exercise!! LOL!

Have a great week ahead Liz XXX
Grampy said…
I exercise everyday since I retired. I am 63. I walk at least a mile a day. Usually two. Rain or shine snow or warm. I feel a lot better now.
Unknown said…
Do you know - I once worked with a young man who complained that he could never put on weight. After he had complained more times than I could remember I happened to watch him. He never kept still. Even when sitting at his desk - his feet were tapping on the floor he would stand up when the telephone rang and take the call in a standing position. He would dive to the photocopier - offer to fetch things for others who described themselves as 'too busy' (when we were all too busy). If he had a sandwich or some cake - he would have one bite out of it and then dive off on another trip to collect something.

So .... not only is exercise good for you but not sitting still really does help you to lose weight.

Oh did I mention that he was also as fit as a fiddle!!!
Anna said…
I wish I will really have time.
Thanks for the re.minder
rjs mama said…
exercise and healthy food will add more years to your life :)

hope you can visit and leave your mark on my blogs :)
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