Stop and Smell the Herbs*

Feeling stressed?  I used to say stop and smell the flowers but here's another one... lavender.  Studies show that the smell of lavender relieved feelings of tension after anxiety-provoking tasks.  Get your favorite bath soak, lotion or candle in a lavender scent so you can easily reach for the scent the next time you're feeling edgy.

Thank You FC!!!


Mariuca said…
Lavender is one of my favourite scents Liza, very relaxing... :)
Mariuca said…
Also love the colour!
Monica said…
that's what I need! :) A nice hot bath with the scent of lavender! :) Great idea!
Liz said…
@ Marzie

Congrats sweetie! You are so fast. :)
Liz said…
@ Monica

Thanks for the comment. :)
Jackie said…
Okay can we have 3 chops that Marzie is so so so fast!

I love lavender. It is so so soothing. Walter is the gardener in this house and I have missed my herbs and fresh veggies since he started driving.

We only have a little over a year though and he will be home again full time. I can't wait.